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Why Plan Ahead

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Funeral Services

For many people, planning a funeral is comforting with a sense of relief. It's one last important "thing" that needed to be done. While sitting with a pre-arrangement counselor may seem a little uncomfortable, it's a necessary step in a naturally occurring part of your life.

Make Payments
You can make monthly payments to pay for your funeral in advance. Your money will be safe in a trust fund (in the form of an actual Life Insurance Policy) as required by law, and the funeral home can not apply for it until after you pass away. Your down payment can be as low as your monthly payment!

  • Monthly Increasing Benefit
    This payment plan allows for your funeral to be worth the amount of money you put into it (regardless of age).

  • Accelerated Benefit
    This payment plan pays for the full funeral after two years of the age of the contract (regardless of health condition).

  • Fully Insured Benefit
    This plan pays for the full funeral immediately after signing the pre-arrangement contract (without a pre-existing illness).

Monthly payment example at age 60 for a funeral service that costs $3500.00

  • Monthly Increasing Benefit - 3 Year Plan
    Down Payment: $97.22
    Monthly Payment: $97.22

  • Accelerated Benefit - 5 Year Plan
    Down Payment: $78.05
    Monthly Payment: $78.05

  • Fully Insured Benefit - 3 Year Plan
    Down Payment
    Monthly Payment

Call us to pre-arrange a service at your convenience!

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The following Texas Department of Banking web site provides information to enable consumers to make informed decisions relating to the purchase of preneed funeral contracts including descriptions of the trust and insurance funding options available under state law: